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Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

According to statistics from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, law enforcement agencies reported a total of 231,585 arrests statewide in 2018. In the state of Missouri, criminal offenses are classified into infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies, depending on the severity of the offense. A person convicted of a crime here in our state could face lengthy jail time, massive fines, a criminal record, and other social consequences. If you're under investigation for a criminal offense, you need to hire a highly skilled and aggressive Missouri criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and build your defense strategy.

At The Alsobrook Law Firm, I'm dedicated to providing experienced legal guidance, strong advocacy, and reliable representation to clients facing criminal charges. As your attorney, I will analyze and investigate all the surrounding facts of your case, explore your available legal options, and determine the best defense to pursue a favorable result for your case. I will also work diligently to protect your rights, dispute the allegations against you with factual evidence, and fight aggressively for the most favorable outcome available. With over a decade of trial experience, I can use my skills and extensive knowledge to your advantage.

Here at my firm, The Alsobrook Law Firm, I'm proud to serve clients in Kansas City, Missouri, and other areas throughout the states of Kansas and Missouri. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

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Criminal Charges in Missouri

Breaking a law in Missouri may result in criminal charges being filed against you by law enforcement or a public prosecutor. Depending on the severity of the crime, the criminal charge may be an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony.


Infractions are petty crimes or violations in which the only punishment authorized by statute is a fine or a fine and forfeiture. Common examples of infractions in Missouri include speeding tickets, traffic violations, and noise complaint tickets.


Misdemeanors are more serious than infractions but not as serious as felonies. Some common examples of misdemeanor offenses include petty theft, second-degree harassment, driving with a suspended license, or driving while intoxicated. For sentencing purposes, misdemeanors are further categorized into:

  • Class A Misdemeanors: Punishable by up to one year in county jail, a fine of up to $2,000, or both.

  • Class B Misdemeanors: Punishable by up to six months in county jail, a fine of up to $1,000, or both.

  • Class C Misdemeanors: Punishable by up to 15 days in county jail, a maximum fine of $700, or both.

  • Class D Misdemeanors: Punishable by a maximum fine of $500.


Felonies are more serious crimes that result in more severe punishments. Examples of felony offenses include second-degree murder, domestic assault, voluntary manslaughter, fraud, and passing bad checks. For sentencing purposes, felonies are grouped into:

  • Class A Felonies: Punishable by 10 to 30 years in state prison or life imprisonment.

  • Class B Felonies: Punishable by five to 15 years in state prison.

  • Class C Felonies: Punishable by three to 10 years in state prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

  • Class D Felonies: Punishable by up to seven years in state prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

  • Class E Felonies: Punishable by up to four years in prison.

I Defend Clients Against a Variety of Charges

Here at The Alsobrook Law Firm, I'm committed to offering experienced legal services and strong representation to clients facing a wide range of criminal allegations, including, but not limited to:


Under Missouri law, a person is guilty of assault for attempting to cause or knowingly causing physical or bodily injury to another person.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence involves violent acts committed against spouses, family members, household members, and persons with whom the defendant is or has been in a romantic relationship.

Drug Possession

This charge results if a person knowingly possesses a controlled substance, such as marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, and other synthetic drugs.


In Missouri, an individual may face DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charges for driving while in an "intoxicated condition" or for driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances.

Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes are crimes perpetrated by minors. According to the juvenile code, a child is someone under 17 years of age. In Missouri, juvenile crimes are often treated differently from offenses committed by adults, but may still result in significant ramifications.


Missouri law defines murder as knowingly or intentionally causing the death of another person. Penalties for murder are either life in prison or death.

Sex-Related Crimes

Sex crimes in Missouri are described as non-consensual sexual acts. Common examples of sex-related crimes include rape, sexual assault, statutory rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, and statutory sodomy.


Theft occurs when a person takes another person's property without the owner's consent, through deceit or coercion with an intent to deprive the owner of the property.

Traffic Violations

Breaking a traffic law in Missouri, whether your vehicle was in motion or not, can result in a traffic violation. Receiving a ticket or fine for a traffic violation can affect your driving record and privileges.

This is not a detailed list, and my law firm defends clients in many other criminal cases. If you're facing criminal allegations, contact me at The Alsobrook Law Firm to evaluate your case and explore your possible defenses.

Choose an Experienced Attorney

Defending yourself against criminal allegations can leave you vulnerable to the possibility of receiving the maximum penalties associated with your charges. Likewise, public defenders usually have a heavy caseload to deal with and may be unable to devote sufficient time to your case. With limited resources to investigate and defend your case, the public defender may pressure you into taking an unfavorable plea deal that can cause devastating, long-lasting effects on your quality of life and professional future. Hiring an aggressive criminal defense attorney is vital to protect your rights and formulate your defense.

At The Alsobrook Law Firm, I have the resources and experience to handle criminal cases and defend clients who have been wrongly accused of a crime. As your legal counsel, I can review every last detail of your case, carry out a thorough, private investigation, and craft a strong legal defense strategy aimed at maximizing your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. Using my extensive legal understanding and knowledge, I will help you navigate the Missouri criminal justice system and represent you in every stage of the legal proceedings. I will continue fighting on your side to defend your rights and work to see that your record is kept as clean as possible.

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