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I know that everyone makes mistakes, some more great than others. Nevertheless, if you have committed a crime or are accused of committing a crime in Kansas City, Missouri, contact my office immediately. I began my legal career as a prosecutor, punishing those who were accused of crimes without even batting an eye. I quickly realized that not every person accused of a crime is guilty, and I decided to switch over to become a defense attorney to help out the underdog.

As a prosecutor for over ten years, I acquired the knowledge needed to put people away. This only helped my ability as a defense attorney because I knew what the other side was thinking, and what strategies they will probably use to put you into jail or make you pay a hefty fine for whatever crime you may or may not have committed.

I have experience defending people who have been charged with a wide variety of crimes, including:

DUI/DWI/Intoxication Assault

Drug Possession

Assault/Domestic Battery/Protective Orders


Murder/Sex Offenses

Criminal Trespass

Driving With a Suspended License/Traffic Tickets

Property Damage


Juvenile Crimes

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Regardless of what you have been accused of, it is vital that you know your rights as a citizen. My job is to help you retain your rights throughout the process so the court doesn't take advantage of you and your vulnerable state. In the end, my top priority is to make sure you come out either with the smallest fine or penalty possible to for you to get your charge completely dropped.

When you've been accused of a crime, contact my office in Kansas City, Missouri, today to schedule a free consultation. I am licensed in both and Kansas in Missouri.